Privacy Policy

Kinsen Co.,Ltd. (hereafter referred to as "we") endeavors to promote communication of the highest quality throughout the advertising industry, and hereby declares that: We undertake to protect client and employee personal information, and recognize the importance of handling all information of a personal nature appropriately. In order to protect all private information entrusted to us, whether in-house or external in nature, we declare that we do and will actively engage in employee training, and that we have set up and will maintain structures, mechanisms and regulations under which to manage all private and personal information.

  1. On our acquisition, use and disclosure of personal information.

    We shall only obtain personal information fairly and in accordance with all laws. We will not make use of that information in any way that exceeds the purpose for which it was given as agreed to by the parties concerned. We will not impart or cause to be imparted any of the personal information that we have been entrusted with, to any third party without explicit agreement from the person or entity to whom that information relates. Further, while the information is in our possession, we will take all measures within our power to protect and maintain it securely.

  2. On the observance of laws and ordinances.

    We strictly adhere to all Japanese laws (and industry guidelines) relating to the protection of personal and private information.

  3. On the security of personal information.

    We have an established system of regulations and mechanisms that aim to prevent the loss, leakage and/or misuse of any personal information that we hold. Additionally, this information is periodically checked for discrepancies and the systems that protect it are checked for deficiencies.

  4. On complaints, consultation and correspndence.

    Should you have any cause for complaint, or need to correspond with us in regard to our use of your personal information, a prompt and appropriate response can be obtained by writing to the address below.

  5. On the continuous improvement of our private information protection and management system.

    In order to execute this policy, we undertake to ensure that all our employees are adequately informed of their responsibilities as pertain to it and that, through a continuous process of review, any deficiencies in our systems will be dealt with efficiently and promptly.

Original statement :
January 1, 2006
Revised :
March 10, 2014
Kinsen Co.,Ltd.
Executive Director Takehiro Shimizu

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